Installation View, Kamloops Art Gallery, 2009
Kamloops Art Gallery (2009)

Curated by Jen Budney

The exhibition included public art banners based on a community drawing project, and an exhibition curated by Patrick Mahon involving works from the collection of the Kamloops Art Gallery.

Catalogue with an interview by Jen Budney; essay by Patrick Mahon, and a poem by Michael Blackstock

A multi-part exhibition involving:
1/ An exhibition of works, entitled "River" , from the gallery's collection, focusing on the subject of representations of water in nature
2/ Public banners based on a process whereby the artist worked on a community-based project entitled "Drawing Water"
3/ New work by Patrick Mahon entitled "A Book of the River."

Linking Mahon's interest in images of natural phenomena that invoke both metaphorical and material readings with the intention of utilizing representation as a means of proposing both social and contemplative engagement, the project demonstrated the necessity for visual art that operates within community contexts on multiple levels. "Drawing Water" was ultimately intended to present art that operates across a field that joins the aesthetic and the social, and links an historical subject of expressive inquiry with present-day concerns. Works in the exhibition included the drawing-based "Book of Turbulence", and the video, "Entropy Net."